Steven Powers (SMP)

DYI Travel Brush for Watercolor

Are you an artist that likes to paint no matter where you travel to?  Then this is a simple solution to bring your favorite brushes with you.

Krita 4.3 Brush Performance

This is a basic demonstration of the Krita 4.3 Brush Performance (aptly titled), which relates to last week's post.

Krita 4.3 Tablet Support

I was just working with Krita 4.2.9 with my Huion HS610 and noted that I found there was a bit of lag when using the brushes, but NOT NOW!

Graphics Drawing Tablets

If you are new to digital drawing/painting and need an inexpensive way to explore your creativity, then a few options of Graphics Drawing Tablets. This is a dilemma that all digital artists have to solve that messes the Computer, Tablet, and Application.