Steven Powers (SMP): DYI Travel Brush for Watercolor

DYI Travel Brush for Watercolor

Are you an artist that likes to paint no matter where you travel to?  Then this is a simple solution to bring your favorite brushes with you.
I am a proponent to having something to use when inspiration hits...or even better when boredom comes knocking. keeping a travel kit with you or in your vehicle is a great way to fill that need. The one thing with watercolor travel pallets is that most of my brushes would not fit. 

You can find travel brush sets these days ranging from  $16 to $60 and even higher if you so choose, and I have included links to a few on Amazon above. But I am what you would call "Cheap".  Not really, but I do like to be able to use the brushes I like.  The ones I normally buy are simple sets of Hobby Lobby's brands, and I find that there isn't a need to spend more than that...they work for me.  So a quick way to bring your favorite brush with you is to trim it to size.


Cutting it to size will work for most brushes except where you might have a large flat brush that won't fit in the channel of your travel pallet. Above is my Meeden metal watercolor palette with only a 4-3/8 inch center tool tray, which makes the brush a bit short. So like most artists, I have a lot of art supplies.  Within that collection, I had an extra pencil-extender from Derwent that enabled me to extend the brush and added some protection to the bristles when storing it. That is a "twofer".

So with whatever path you choose of making or buying travel brushes, it is always good to have a travel art kit with you when you are inspired to create.

Here is the video version of this DYI Travel Brush - LINK

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