Steven Powers (SMP): 2017

How to Colorize a Sketch

I took a sketch that I did a while back and printed it out on Bristol paper and colorized it with Water Color and Colored Pencils.


How To Paint a Rose in Gouache

The title is somewhat misleading.  Though the Rose is painted in gouache, I also used transparent watercolors and colored pencils making this mixed-media.


Artist's Travel Kit


This is a brief example of my travel kit that I take with me when away from home.  It is great for lunch breaks,  coffee shops, waiting in vehicles or any down time that you may find yourself with.  List of Materials are below.  You can make do with whatever you have on hand.   I like ball point pens on napkins if need be.  If I like something I sketched, then I take a snapshot with my iPhone.

Link to Video: