Steven Powers (SMP): January 2012

How To Add Google Chrome to Linux Mint-12

Two browsers are better than one.  It will enable you to test web sites and check on browser based issues or incapabilities.  Under Windows we get Internet Explorer and with Linux we get Firefox as the default, which I normally use as my default in both Windows and Linux.  But how about a second browser like Google's Chrome?

JPEG or PNG for Print

Which image format should you use for prints ...JPEG or PNG?  This question eventually comes up when we find that our prints don't look sharp.  Or we do a painting at 300dpi, flatten it and send it off to prints.  The reason is usually that you saved it a JPEG format.  Do you know that differences between JPEG and PNG? 

Synfig Studio Latest Release 0.6.03

Synfig Studio release version 0.6.03 HERE. I am a bit behind on this but it is still worth sharing.  If you are not aware of Synfig Studio, it is a 2D animation suite.  On their site you can find links to tutorials to give you an overview of how to do things.  Go luck and let me see what you come up with.


How To Create A Digital Artists Blog

Every digital artist has one thing in common ...the need to display their art on the Internet.  But going about doing that can be somewhat confusing since there are many different avenues and approaches.  Here I will discuss my views and processes of displaying content on various sites, creating online portfolios, linking them together, simple workflows and the use of free and open-source applications that I use.

OpenShot Video Editor for Linux

One thing I have had issues with is doing video editing on Linux.  In Windows I use Authoring Works 4, but I could not find one that was a good alternative.  Then I came across "OpenShot Video Editor".