Steven Powers (SMP): Krita 4.3 Tablet Support

Krita 4.3 Tablet Support

I was just working with Krita 4.2.9 with my Huion HS610 and noted that I found there was a bit of lag when using the brushes, but NOT NOW!

I just recently went through the process of upgrading from my Wacom Intuos pro to a Hunion HS610 after running afoul with the XP-PEN Deco Pro.  While determining the issues I was having, I had to rule out computer hardware, operating systems, and applications. To isolate any issue, you should only change one variable at a time. Looking for common denominators is also key in troubleshooting an issue to its source. This led me to the issue with XP-PEN and not the applications. But I did notice an issue with Krita even when using my old Wacom tablet, which indicated that I had two issues; tablet, and application.  Krita was a minor issue compared to the tablet and was also one that I could not fix, but the tablet could be replaced.

Being a proponent of Open Source Applications for years, going back to GIMP Painter, I have had my issues with support for graphics tablets, hence why I have used Wacom for years.  They were the one that was most dependable. Today we have many options for Painting Applications, both free and commercial, but Krita is at the pinnacle of the Open Source pack. The one issue still being was smooth flow with the brushes...and this is just two weeks ago with 4.2.9 that I was still in that short of time, that has changed.

I tested all of my favorite brushes and most of the default ones, using a canvas of 4959x3507 with 300ppi, which is a large canvas. I did reconfigure Krita with the setting below found via the "Settings" tab. This made it smooth with a large canvas.  Other than that, it was the default settings.

So in short, Krita has made another leap forward in replacing Photoshop. If you haven't tried it, do so. It is FREE with a wealth of free tutorials and community support. It can be download for this link: Krita.

Have fun painting,

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