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Steven M. Powers
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Today's artist is faced with far more skill sets than just the art. One must also know how to market themselves, how to create and manage an online portfolio, how to use various software applications, networking, video editing, have proficient 2D and 3D skills and work productively while adhering to a schedule or deadline.

This site has grown as have I.  I started with the focus on digital arts, but have progressed into traditional methods and techniques that I have found essential to all artists. Digital methods are capable of producing artwork that can not be reproduced in the real world and can speed up workflows to obtain traditional results.  There is no drying time in digital media.  Through this Blog I will cover topics that are associated with visual arts both digital and traditional while offering useful tips, techniques, work-flows, and various applications. I prefer to recommend free and Open Source software since everyone can afford it, but not at the cost of quality and productivity.  There are some commercial products that I have not found suitable alternatives for. 

There are many avenues to learning, such as articles, video tutorials, books and trial and error. The information will be presented through articles and video tutorials. If there are topics that you would like me to cover, please request it via email or the comment section.

The focus of my art is centered around the story.  Whether they are written or painted, they must tell a story.  A story does not have to be poetic or emotionally deep, but must be entertaining to the reader.  The audiance must care about the characters to traverse the world of the author. Most of my works are invisioned from the world around me, my dreams, my thoughts or extensions of my art.  I hope you enjoy the worlds and moments that I have created.

Thank you for reading,