Steven Powers (SMP): Krita - Free Opensource Painting Tool

Krita - Free Opensource Painting Tool

This is more of a recommendation about Krita than a tutorial...actually, that is exactly what it is. 
Most artists know the big names like Photoshop and to a lesser extent Corel Painter.  Both are great programs but come at a price.  Photoshop now offers a monthly subscription though with a steep learning curve, that will add up to a considerable cost. Corel does offer budget versions with lesser tools for the beginner, but for those who are starting out, FREE is always better. To be honest, it is very hard to make money as an artist.  This is why the phrase "Starving Artists" exists.

I have used Both Photoshop, Core Painter, GIMP (years before Krita was a concept), but with the release and following growth, Krita stands with the professional tools.  Making the transition from Photoshop to Krita has been quite easy.  The layout and intuitive as well as functional.  I have had to go to the help pages many times, but have always found a solution for what I needed to accomplish. For all of it's strengths, Photoshop out performs in most tasks due to the fact that it has been around for a long time, is the industry standard, and has heavy financial support.  To keep Krita free, and to help continue it's growth, one should consider becoming a supporter, or donate what you can, when you can. 

Krita is designed for the beginner to the professional. It can be used for sketching, painting, concept art, cartooning, illustration, 2D animation, texture painting, and more. It is FREE and compatible with Windows, Linux, and Mac.  Go to the home page and review the resources and the resources there or go straight to downloads and give it a try.  Don't forget to check out the user docs to get you going.


Good luck painting!


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  1. This sounds enticing, especially to a dabbler. Free adds to enticement. Thanks. Muriel