Steven Powers (SMP)

How to Display Photoshop Thumbnails in Windows 10



Where did my Photoshop thumbnails go?  They were working in Windows 7 before I upgraded and then they were gone. With a little searching I found SageThumbs that would fix this problem.

Blender 2.9 ...Is Released

Blender 2.9 is now out....but if you are like me, you probably haven't learned all the new features in the last Blender release.  

Blender is my favorite 3D Suite.  It does more than I use it for, but the Blender team keeps out doing themselves. If you are new to 3D or a seasoned pro, Blender is for you. Beside the fact that it is powerful, full featured 3D suite, it is also FREE and Open Source (FOSS)...yes I am a fanboy of Blender.

Vlog Home Studio Setup for Artists


There are many ways to setup a functional home studio for Vlogs and YouTube channels...this is my current set up.

DYI Travel Brush for Watercolor

Are you an artist that likes to paint no matter where you travel to?  Then this is a simple solution to bring your favorite brushes with you.

Krita 4.3 Brush Performance

This is a basic demonstration of the Krita 4.3 Brush Performance (aptly titled), which relates to last week's post.

Krita 4.3 Tablet Support

I was just working with Krita 4.2.9 with my Huion HS610 and noted that I found there was a bit of lag when using the brushes, but NOT NOW!

Graphics Drawing Tablets

If you are new to digital drawing/painting and need an inexpensive way to explore your creativity, then a few options of Graphics Drawing Tablets. This is a dilemma that all digital artists have to solve that messes the Computer, Tablet, and Application.