Steven Powers (SMP)

DYI Travel Brush for Watercolor

Are you an artist that likes to paint no matter where you travel to?  Then this is a simple solution to bring your favorite brushes with you.

Krita 4.3 Brush Performance

This is a basic demonstration of the Krita 4.3 Brush Performance (aptly titled), which relates to last week's post.

Krita 4.3 Tablet Support

I was just working with Krita 4.2.9 with my Huion HS610 and noted that I found there was a bit of lag when using the brushes, but NOT NOW!

Graphics Drawing Tablets

If you are new to digital drawing/painting and need an inexpensive way to explore your creativity, then a few options of Graphics Drawing Tablets. This is a dilemma that all digital artists have to solve that messes the Computer, Tablet, and Application.

Krita - Free Opensource Painting Tool

This is more of a recommendation about Krita than a tutorial...actually, that is exactly what it is. 

Character Construction…How to Draw Disney's Rabbit...The Video

This episode starts with the deconstruction Disney's Rabbit, detailing, basic primitive forms, contour lines, and basic armature in preparation of applying the "Sketching: The 4 Step Method" to draw Rabbit.

This video is an extension of an earlier article that can be found HERE

VIDEO - How To Draw Disney's Rabbit: Character Construction

Jungle Book - How to Paint Mowgli in Watercolor

This watercolor painting was fun to do. The composition is from a book based on Disney's original animated movie.