Steven Powers (SMP): May 2011

IrfanView: A Free Alternative To Adobe Bridge

This is a quick tutorial showing the use of IrfanView as a free alternative to Adobe Bridge. IrfanView Thumbnails can display PSD files as thumbnails, help organize your images, display thumbnails of text files and allow for full preview of PSD files without opening Photoshop. It is a great tool for digital artists or anyone with a large library of photos.


The Post

This sketch was done with graphite and charcoal on smooth Bristol paper. I haven't done any real sketches in charcoal though I have always liked the smooth gradients and rich dark tones that I have seen others achieve. 

How To Combine Video Clips with Authoring Works 4

In this tutorial I use Authoring Works 4 to convert and combine two video clips at the same time. I have found AW4 to be very useful over the years and indispensable at times where no other application will work.