Steven Powers (SMP): Photoshop, CamStudio, Blender VSE Synch Issue

Photoshop, CamStudio, Blender VSE Synch Issue

Recently I found an issue when I went to edit a video tutorial on Photoshop in Blender's VSE that I had created with CamStudio 2.6. The problem  arose when I rendered the video after editing in Blender VSE. The resulting video was sped up.  I am not sure why it happens but I was able to find a solution or work-around.

The issue is created when recording Photoshop with CamStudio and then edited with Blender.  When I edit the same video with Virtual Dub Mod there was no synch issue.  When recording GIMP with CamStudio and edited with Blender VSE there was still no synch issue. At first I thought it was Blender, but going through various troubleshooting processes changing out what I was recording, what I was recording the desk top with and what I was using as an editor, it came down to some kind of compatibility issue with CamStudio and Photoshop, which some how affected the file structure. So that when I used Blender VSE (video sequence editor) to edit the video file. the video track played faster than the audio. I wasn't aware at the time that CamStudio does not accurately record Photoshop's brush tips but insteads shows the default mouse pointer (an arrow.)  So I did the same tutorial using Camtasia and edited that video file with Blender which resulted with a video with no synch issues at all.

The conclusion and work-around is to use Camtasia to record Photoshop tutorials so to show the tools accurately.  Unfortunately Camtasia is not a free alternative to CamStudio, but for the moment it is the only solution for recording Photoshop.  If Photoshop ran on Linux we might have other alternatives, but that is a whole other topic. An added benefit with Camtasia is that it is designed for producing professional video tutorials with a slew of added tools for editing video and adding content and it does a great job of creating small yet high quality video files.  The free alternative to record the use of other applications  I recommend is the combination of CamStudio, Virtual Dub Mod and Blender VSE (Video Sequence Editor).  I have been able to accomplish 99% of all my tutorials with these applications.

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