Steven Powers (SMP): GIMP vs Photoshop

GIMP vs Photoshop

GIMP vs Photoshop? 

There are many reasons to use GIMP even if when we have Photoshop.  Both Photoshop and GIMP are great tools, though GIMP maybe an alternative to Photoshop. it is not an equivalent.
This is not meant to insult GIMP but to point out it's uses, strengths and weakness.  As of now (2.7.5) GIMP still suffers from lag in responsiveness, something that Photoshop also had issues with in it's early days.  This is why I don't use GIMP for large paintings or projects that require multiple layers or use of large brushes.  Anything that requires large amounts of memory can be problematic for GIMP.  What GIMP is good for is image manipulation and corrections, quick line sketches and blocking in values and the ability to run it on all platforms.  This is very appealing for those of us that may find ourselves on multiple systems with varying operating system.  As long as we have an internet connection, we can download GIMP.  Unlike Photoshop that requires a license, GIMP doesn't, making it quite flexible.
For those who need a professional tool to work in a professional environment, Photoshop is the industry standard.  It will cost you, but is well worth the investment.  For the budding artist or for those that want to promote and utilize Open Source software entirely, as the folks at The Blender Foundation, GIMP is the best alternative to Photoshop and has come a very long way in just the last year with implementation of many needed features. I have been rooting for GIMP and using it along side Photoshop for years.  I routinely recommend it when asked.  The main reason that GIMP is not equivalent to Photoshop is money.  Photoshop is supported by those who buy the product.  GIMP is free for everyone but supported entirely through donations.  So let me ask, if everyone donated a couple of dollars every time they downloaded GIMP, how much closer to Photoshop would GIMP be?

GIMP can be found either at the main site HERE or for unofficial release at

Look for tutorials on GIMP in the future on how I found to work around some of the resource issues. I will do most of them in video format and upload to my YouTube page found HERE.
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