Steven Powers (SMP): OpenShot Video Editor for Linux

OpenShot Video Editor for Linux

One thing I have had issues with is doing video editing on Linux.  In Windows I use Authoring Works 4, but I could not find one that was a good alternative.  Then I came across "OpenShot Video Editor".

I have installed this in Mint 12 using the Software Manger and then installed the extra codecs that are needed for MP4, MPEG, MP3, etc.  I haven't done a lot of editing, just some test edits, but it looks very promising with a slew of output containers and codec options.  OpenShot also offers transitions and effects, which is very useful.

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    1. Thanks you. There are a lot of great apps out there and you can never have too many video editors. BTW...Instead of bookmarking you can subscribe or just use the RSS feed, which will show a quick list of posts that you can choose from.