Steven Powers (SMP): Hurricane Sandy

Hurricane Sandy

The weather has no concern for artist's schedules. Seriously we are thankful that we made it through yet another storm.  Though we did have power from our new generator, we did not have phone or Internet access so we were a bit isolated from the world.  Considering the devastation in other states, we fared quite well.  Our prayers go out to those who have lost their homes and loved ones.

We could only focus on power, food and shelter, not much that can be done when the utilities lose power to their cell towers.  Even cell coverage and 3G/4G networks were spotty at best. We were fortunate to have water and enough food on hand and suffered minimal damages.  Nothing too bad even with the cold nights.  We still had access to gas and got the fireplace cleaned and working to keep us warm at night. We only lost one tree that luckily was caught by the basketball hoop's cross arm.  Believe it or not, the truck had minimal scratches that I could find.

There is news that another storm is on the way, so hopefully I can get some tutorials done and posted before then.  I have been working with Corel's Painter 12 and of course Photoshop CS6.  So there are somethings involving color and approaches to color that I would like to cover shortly.

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