Steven Powers (SMP): Krita For Windows

Krita For Windows

After going through the hassle of adding a dual boot to my laptop and a virtual Linux machine with Virtual Box on my desktop just to try out Krita 2.4, I come across a Windows installer for Krita.
I have looked for this in the past and never had any luck installing and almost gave up.  But this time it worked like a charm.  From what I have seen so far Krita is a very nice and capable painting program designed for professional applications.  It won't replace Photoshop yet but considering how far it has come in the last year, that time might not be that far off, especially when Photoshop doesn't work on Linux.

Check out Krita's features HERE
Download Krita HERE where it says "Download Unstable Krita".  So far it hasn't crashed on me yet.

Let me know what you think,

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