Steven Powers (SMP): JDownloader - Download Favorite Videos

JDownloader - Download Favorite Videos

Have you ever been in a situation where you wanted to view a video or work with a video tutorial that you saw on YouTube or Vimeo or somewhere else but you didn't have access to the Internet? JDownloader will allow you to download your favorite tutorials and take them on the road with you.

Yes I know this is counter productive by telling people how they can donwload my tutorials, but they are free so why not let you get the most out of them.  Tutorials are designed as a learning aid.  They are not just for watching but to work with them, which means watching them more than once. None of us wants to have to wait for the video to download or to leave it cached in our browsers eating up our resources everytime that we want to work with video tutorials. So download JDownloader and store your favorite tutorials off line to view at your leisure.

JDownloader can be found HERE.



  1. Thanks for sharing the download link. I think this is great! Now I can access all the NY video productions I want to watch.