Friday, August 16, 2013

Puzzled Alien

"Puzzled Alien"

This is a graphite sketch on Bristol I did the other night. This is primarily done for design , though I did add the head tilt to add some personality to the little alien least that is what I think he is.
Normally character design can be done in side or front view creating the other afterwards.  The a 3/4 view is created last.  In this case I saw the character in 3/4 view and designed him that way.  There are no hard rules in design. If I were planning on passing this on to someone else in a large pipeline, I would want to give them front, side, 3/4 can even a colorized version that they could build from.  Especially if 3D models were to be built from the designs.

I haven't had much time to composite him into a scene yet.  I the only digital work I did to this is clean up some of the smudges with the clone tool in Photoshop.  I'll post the how to and finished work at a later date

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