Salvation - Published Through Amazon Self-Publishing

Let me introduce the newest author of the family from a long line of writers, which include poets, children's author, a contributing writer for travel publications and a political writer who also wrote speeches for a past Speaker-of-the-House.  The New author is my son Quinlan Powers and his book "Salvation" can be found at

How to Paint Tigger...Again

This is a leftover from last year. It is a different pose, but same procedure demonstrating one way to colorize a sketch.


How to Colorize a Sketch

I took a sketch that I did a while back and printed it out on Bristol paper and colorized it with Water Color and Colored Pencils.


How To Paint a Rose in Gouache

The title is somewhat misleading.  Though the Rose is painted in gouache, I also used transparent watercolors and colored pencils making this mixed-media.