Salvation - Published Through Amazon Self-Publishing

Let me introduce the newest author of the family from a long line of writers, which include poets, children's author, a contributing writer for travel publications and a political writer who also wrote speeches for a past Speaker-of-the-House.  The New author is my son Quinlan Powers and his book "Salvation" can be found at

This was a family adventure.  Quinlan wrote the book and then both his grandmother and I edited the book and his mother designed the cover. Yes I know, "Why didn't I illustrate the cover?" I was tasked with designing the book, setting up accounts, websites, domain names and everything else that is required to self publish through Amazon's Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP.)

This is not a detailed look on how to self publish, but I did learn a lot myself. Amazon makes it easy for anyone to publish a book.  This book is only has been released as an eBook so far, but in the next week or so, it should be available in paper back.

Please check out the book at It is priced at $2.99. If you are a fan of science fiction, you will love this fast paced book.

Thanks for your support,


How to Paint Tigger...Again

This is a leftover from last year. It is a different pose, but same procedure demonstrating one way to colorize a sketch.


How to Colorize a Sketch

I took a sketch that I did a while back and printed it out on Bristol paper and colorized it with Water Color and Colored Pencils.


How To Paint a Rose in Gouache

The title is somewhat misleading.  Though the Rose is painted in gouache, I also used transparent watercolors and colored pencils making this mixed-media.


Artist's Travel Kit


This is a brief example of my travel kit that I take with me when away from home.  It is great for lunch breaks,  coffee shops, waiting in vehicles or any down time that you may find yourself with.  List of Materials are below.  You can make do with whatever you have on hand.   I like ball point pens on napkins if need be.  If I like something I sketched, then I take a snapshot with my iPhone.

Link to Video: