How To Use a Lightbox, "Transferring a Design Sketch to Watercolor Paper"

This is a quick demonstration in using a lightbox to transfer a design sketch to watercolor paper. The video can be found HERE.

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New Video - "The Jungle Book in Watercolor, "Learn How to Paint Using Fan Art."

New Video - "The Jungle Book in Watercolor, "Learn How to Paint Using Fan Art."

This is related to an earlier article [HERE] and expands upon the points covered in the video.


How to Paint The Jungle Book in Watercolor

The original Disney animated movies are a great resource to use to practice your watercolor techniques.  This is the opening scene of The Jungle Book taken from a still of the illustrated version of the book.

Character Design: Monster's Favorite Toy

This is one of those design ideas that came from a simple pen and pencil simple doodle that was nothing more than that, until I rotated the sheet.  That is when the inspiration hit me to design this little monster.

Composition: Fantasy Landscape "The Toxic Fisherman"

I use The Toxic Fisherman sketch to discuss the aspects of composition and the thought process using one's imagination to expand from a simple design.  The big thing to remember is "Don't Be Afraid To Fail"...put it down and erase what you don't like...experiment with the design and have fun.