Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Passing Time

 "Passing Time"
(Medium - Graphite on 60lb Paper)

Over the last year I moved my life from Connecticut to Texas and my artwork was relegated to my travel sketchbooks.  The main one was the very inexpensive ProArt 4x6 60lbs book that I almost exclusively used with a Pentel .5mil mechanical pencil.  Even though it was not finished art with numerous design attempts that fell flat, I came out with quite a few character and scenic designs that I liked.This is one that stands out for me. 

Some of the sketches I did in one sitting.  Working in spare time or lunch breaks.  I always had my sketchbook with the pencil slid into the wire of the binder. Quite often I would come back and expand upon the main idea / concept or even erase the page and start over. 

In the future I will show you what I do to take my sketchbooks and turn them into PDFs or eBooks for later reference, but for now I would like to share this sketch that I enjoyed noodling, adding pieces here and there.


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