Quick Tip: Launchy + Dexpot

Just want to introduce some free applications that I was introduced to the other day.  These are great little utilities that can help speed up ones work flow. Launchy is cross-platform while Dexpot is for Windows users who like the virtual desktops that is found in Ubuntu.

"Launchy" allows one to launch an application by merely typing the name.  The app is launched by clicking the "ALT+Spacebar" (Windows) or "CTRL+Spacebar" (Linux).  At first it will offer options for you to choose from and will learn from those choices. Launchy can be found HERE.

"Dexpot" is a utility that enables you to have 4 virtual desktops where you can move specific applications or windows to.  It is great for organizing your work when you (like I do) have multiple projects going on.  Specifically useful when doing say ...Video Tutorials ...maybe?  Allowing to have CamStudio and associated material on one window while having Blender and GIMP in another. Dexpot can be found HERE.

Let me know if you find this useful,