Monday, May 16, 2011

The Post

This sketch was done with graphite and charcoal on smooth Bristol paper. I haven't done any real sketches in charcoal though I have always liked the smooth gradients and rich dark tones that I have seen others achieve. 
I found it rather messy when I first started out and found that I had better control with graphite so I stuck with it. Lately I have been working on some portrait studies and have come across Ron Lemen tutorials at The Gnomon Workshop who is very good with charcoal. It inspired me to use it with this sketch even though it isn't a portrait. Of course I couldn't abandon my graphite completely, I did use a Prismacolor ebony pencil in conjunction with a hard charcoal (2b). As long as one doesn't over work the paper, they both can be easily erased and cleaned up as needed or to erase in highlights from the dark areas."

Water Proof Markers, Pens, and Pencils Challenge

I have been working with watercolors and various methods for line work, which led me to ask the question, what markers, pens and pencils...